Vice Dean

Dr Hasan AlSumaili, Najran University, Community College

  Personal Information:  

  • Marital Status: Married (4 sons and 3 daughters)
  • Current Work: Asociated Professor in Education College, Najran University
  • E-mail:



  1. Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud; Overall Grade: Very Good, 1409 A.H.
  2. Diploma in Psychological Guidance and Counseling, University of Umm Al-Qura, Overall Grade: Distinction, 1416 A.H. 
  3. Master's Degree in Psychology, "Psychological Counseling", Umm Al Qura University, Honor Student, 1423 A.H.
  4. Doctorate in Psychology, "Psychological Counseling", Umm Al Qura University, Honor Student, Thesis recommended to published and sent to local and Arab research centers and universities.


Shield of Academic Excellence in Diploma of Guidance and Counseling Program, Umm Al Qura University, 1416


  1. Master's thesis: "The guidance needs and public concern among a sample of third secondary school students in Jazan.  1423 A.H., 2002 A.D.
  2. Doctoral thesis: The effectiveness of the guide rational and emotive program in reducing the chaotic behavior of a sample of high school students, Jazan, 1430 A.H.,  2009 A.D.

  Employment History:  

  1. Student Guide and Teacher of Psychology and Sociology, Education Office of Jizan, 1410 -1415
  2. Full-time study of 'Guidance and Counseling' Diploma in Umm Al Qura University, 1416
  3. Supervisor for Guidance and Counseling in General Office of Education in Jazan since 1417.
  4. Postgraduate students, sponsored by Ministry of Education, 1420
  5. Part-time teacher, the University of Umm Al-Qura, preparation education materials during the master's study, 1420
  6. Ph.D. Student, sponsored by Ministry of Education
  7. Part-time lecturer, University of Umm Al-Qura, preparation of educational materials during doctoral studies, 1424 -1428
  8. General Office of Education, in Jazan, educational supervisor in guidance and counseling management, 1428
  9. Assistant Professor in College of Education, Najran University, 1431
  10. Vice Dean of Community College, 02/12/1432 AH and re-nomination of the same post for two times consecutively.
  11. Vice Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education, 1432 until now


  1. Member of the committee of preparing leaders of the educational work, which was hosted by the General Office  of Education, Jazan region , 1423
  2. A member of the committee of Teachers' Application for Student Counseling Job, 1429-1430
  3. Member of the Higher Committee of student Advisors' Interview, Jazan area, 1430
  4. Member of the Applicant interview Committee for teaching assistants and lecturers, College of Education, Najran University
  5. Member of the Applicant interview Committee for teaching assistants and lecturers, Community College, Najran University
  6. A member of the committee for preparation of the program report, College of Education, First Self-Assessment project
  7. Vice Chairman of the Board Community College
  8. Board member of the Department of Education and Psychology
  9. Supervisor of educational diplomas in the College of Education for academic year 1431/1432
  10. Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Academic Accreditation (COE) in the Community College, Najran University
  11. Chairman of the professional development in a community college within the accreditation requirements of the COE
  12. Vice Chairman of the examination Committee, Community College, 1431-1435 AH
  13. Member of the Committee of contracts with Jordanian faculty members, 1433
  14. Chairman of the Approving the undergraduate program in psychology, College of Education.
  15. Member of the Committee of Sharia, administrative colleges and community college as a member of the team of developmental assessment projects 
  16. Member of the committee of approving master's program in special education, College of Education
  17. Member of the General Aptitude Test Committee, High School students, which was held at Najran University for two years, 1431/1432

  Community Participation:  

  1. Lecture on 'behavior modification techniques' Students' Advisors, 1429
  2. Participation at in Designing of the curriculum, Office of Education, Jazan, 1434 A.H.
  3. Referee for many questionnaires of NU Deanship for Development and Quality, researchers and Postgraduate students.

  Scientific Publications:  

  1. Adolescents' problems and their needs for counseling, "A comparative study between high school students, who reside inside the Uhud  Almsarhh Camp their peers living outside the camp", in Jazan . It was published in the Journal of the Faculty of Education, University of Al-Azhar
  2. Reasons for Lack of Motivation for Learning among Students of the College of Education at the University of Najran, co-author, Journal of the Faculty of Education, University Azhar number (153) July (2012)
  3. Parents of students with learning Disabilities Attitudes towards Resource Room, International Interdisciplinary Journal of Education, February2012 V. (1)
  4. Professional Maturity and its relationship with some variables in a sample of third secondary school students in the city of Najran, Journal of Hadramout University for the Humanities Issue 2, Volume  (11) (2014)
  5. Self-Efficiency  and its relationship with the sense of life for students of educational Diploma, Najran University, Tanta University, Journal of the Faculty of Education, Issue(3)- (2014)
  6. The impact of the of parental abuse treatment in childhood on suffering of adolescent's' mental disorders, Kafr el-Sheikh University - Journal of the College of Education, Volume (2), issue (2), 2014.
  7. Awareness of the Role of Social Support to Alleviate the Pressures of university students, Journal of the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, Issue. (2), 2015.
  8. Psychological problems among victims of natural disasters and crises in Saudi society and needs of guidance:  Proposing a guidance program, submitted for publication.


  1. Guidance Conference between Reality and Aspirations of Sponsors, 29/02/1432 - 03/01/1435 A.H. , University of Bahrain - Bahrain
  2. Islamisation and localization of psychological and educational science, 11/15/1432 - 11/17/1432 A.H. in the International Islamic University, Malaysia Conference.
  3. The Art of Dealing with People', 06/07/1435 - 08/07/1435 A.H., University of Montana in the United States.
  4. Three consecutive Participation years in the Conference on Higher Education of Saudi Universities, 1432- 1435 part of a delegation of Najran University,, member of Najran University Delegation.
  5. Participation in  Meetings  of Deanships of Community Service and Continuing Education Deans , which was held at King Saud University during the period 26-28 / 12/1432

  Training courses:  

  1. Diploma Course in NLP in 1423
  2. Course in computer programming from Institute of New Horizons for three months, 1424
  3. Course in English Language Institute of Saudi Arabian Airlines, Two Months, Jeddah, 1426
  4. English language course in the city of perth, Australia for three months, 1427
  5. English language course in EL S Institute, Jeddah for two months, 1428
  6. A short course in human communication skills at the Institute of Public Administration, 1429
  7. A short course in Business Process Reengineering, Institute of Public Administration, 1430
  8. E-Learning course at the National Center for e-learning in Riyadh in 1431
  9. A training program in quality management in the city of Riyadh in 1431
  10. A training program in e-learning tools and the National Center for e-learning in Riyadh on 05/06/1431 AH.
  11. A training program entitled "The art of meeting management, 25-26 / 11/1432
  12. A training program entitled "Doing competitive research projects, 27-28 / 12/1433
  13. Training workshop entitled "Performance Indicators and benchmarking in Al Khobar, 27-28 / 1/1434
  14. A training program entitled "Quality Assurance and Program Assessment, 30/4 01/05/1434


  • Member of the Egyptian Psychologists Association (EPA)


Teaching the following courses to undergraduate and educational diploma students:

  1. Foundations of Guidance and Psychological Counseling
  2. Islamic Direction to psychology
  3. Guidance Interview
  4. Mental Health
  5. Ways and Methods of Guidance
  6. Introduction to counselling and guidance
  7. Field Training