COE Renewal of NCC Academic Accreditation for 5th Year Consecutively

شهادة الإعتماد الأكاديمي (COE) لكلية المجتمع، جامعة نجران

International Academic Accreditation COE

  NCC obtains international academic accreditation from Council on Occupational Education (COE) with unprecedented distinction   

Based on the directives of HE Najran University Rector Prof. Mohammed Bin Ibrahim AL-Hassan to pursue distinction in Colleges generally and Community College in particular, the Najran Community College Board chaired by Dean of the College Dr. Abdarahman bin Mohammed aL-Qurashi approved  the application for the American Council on Occupational Education (COE) in May 2011. The application for accreditation was approved in June 2011. By Allah grace, the college obtained the accreditation in February 2012, which is a record time that no college worldwide obtains accreditation from COE in such a period for 30 years of the age of COE. With unprecedented distinction, the college got five commendations from COE, without a reference to shortcoming that should be addressed by the college. It excels all other community colleges at local and international levels.

  Community College: Success Story By Dr. Abdulrahman AL-Qurashi  

Community College was the first college in Najran University that won the international academic accreditation (COE). As a continuation of the distinction of Najran University in many areas, the Community College was the first college to apply for academic accreditation and obtained it in a record time. It was one of the major achievements that was attained in a record time, which manifest speed of achievements and highly structured plans and selection of distinguished team to enable the success of such plans in which everyone contributed to its success. By the grace of Allah and then the support of NU rectors and vice rectors and faculty and staff of the college, the requirements of academic accreditation are maintained. Major Achievements during Academic Accreditation

  • Development of educational process through organizing course specifications of programs Preparing 30 computer and language labs and equipping 70 halls and a lab for learning media with latest technical equipment.
  • Establishing a library directly connected with the Central Library through the computer.
  • Establishing two units for male and female graduates and four sports and cultural activities rooms, construction and equipping of two quality units in the college of boy and girl sections.
  • Providing means of security and safety inside and outside the buildings and classrooms.

These achievements are part of the major achievements fulfilled by the college, hoping to let NCC a pioneer in providing and developing educational services to satisfy the need of local community and to a model for other colleges.

  Stages of obtaining international academic accreditation (COE)  

The Council on Occupational Education (COE), originally founded in 1971 as a regional accrediting agency of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, is the successor to the Commission on Occupational Education Institutions (COEI). In 1995, the Council became a national accrediting agency. It was recognizesd by the US Department of Higher Education as a reliable body in the quality of education offered by the institutions it has accredited.   

  Applicaion for COE  

Application for international academic was on May -2011 and such application was approved by COE on June -2011 to four programs in the Community College (male and female section):

  1. Applied Medical Sciences program (male section)
  2. Information Systems Program (male section)
  3. Administrative Science Program (Female Section)
  4. Computer Science program (Female Section)

  Preparation of work Team  

  • The College council approved the formation of committees of standards and self-study assessment and administrative units.
  • Drawing a plan of defined schedule and preparing the team to follow through workshops.

  Workshop Tasks  

  • Strategic Planning
  • Specification of programs
  • Academic Standard in the light of career Qualifications Framework
  • Prepare evidence and indicators
  • Preparation of primary self-study and team.

  Team Tasks   

  • Preparing and processing units of development and quality of NCC boy and girl sections.
  • Preparing regulations and organizational structure of Development and Quality Unit.
  • Preparing the strategic plan and organizational structure of the College.
  • The formation of sub-committees of standards and supporting unit
  • Establishment of administrative, educational and extension units (Unit Academic Advising and Educational Affairs Unit, the unit security and safety, and maintenance unit, the unit alumni, units of student activities, and the financial and administrative affairs, the unit of media and public relations)
  • Study of standards and achievement requirements through workshops
  • Preparing self-study report (SSR).
  • Finalizing buildings construction of classrooms and laboratories needed for accreditation requirements
  • Send a final image of the self- study report to the Council on Occupational Education (COE) for Academic Accreditation (COE)
  • Receiving a delegation of US Commission (COE) and the preparation of the visit program.
  • The final visit of the COE delegation was in the period from 26/01/2012 to 01/02/2012. In such a visit, the COE reviewed standards, met the special committees, and got access to international academic accreditation of the plans and programs of the college in the male and female sections. The community college organized a cultural program for the team and the college and university employees.  


  Visiting Team Report   

The team was impressed with many of the contributions the college made to the self-study, the quality academic assurance, academic improvement, and to the community at large. The Team Commends Najran Community College on the following items.

  1. The Faculty and Staff is to be commended for the exceptional written plans for every standards and operational procedure of the college. Not only for writing exceptional plans, but follow-up evaluations and questionnaires, the college has done an exceptional job utilizing the documents in the overall improvement of the institution, individual programs, and operational units.
  2. The team commends the Dean, his vision and leadership for maximizing the existing rented physical facilities to the maximum benefit of the faculty, staff, and students (e.g. the paperless process for purchases and registration).
  3. The team commends the academic quality assurance processes for curriculum development, implementation, and improvement, which are exceptional and no bounds on the utilization of the system were found. Faculty members in the male and female sections were astute in the utilizing the processes and implementing effective improvement.
  4. Of note by the team are the faculty credentials and qualifications. No faculty member has less than a MA degree and are highly qualified in their field of study. The faculty and staff work diligently to fulfill the mission and focus their efforts clearly on quality improvement, providing high quality employees to the workforce, enhancing business opportunities, and overall being an integral part of the community. 
  5. The College is to be commended on the integrated approach of the. This unique relationship has allowed the gap between technical workforce development and applied research to be successfully bridged. No better example is there than the Nanotechnology Research Center. As technologies are researched and developed these applications are easily transferred to the teaching staff at the community college. The center has all the development equipment necessary to produce nanotechnology chips, including two electron microscopes, and will prove to be an economic engine for the Najran Community as the transfer of the knowledge and application occurs through the community college.