About Business Administration

The Business Administration is the only program offered by the Department of Administrative Sciences at Community College, which has graduated 12 batches till this semester35-36 A.H. The program has obtained academic accreditation form COE thanks to Allah; then the NU higher leadership and NCC faculty and staff in 1432/1433 A.H.  Every year, the program receives the graduates of high schools to provide them with financial, administrative, business and economic sciences  in order to be able to meet the needs and requirements of local and national community at the level of administrative, economic and social development and to keep with the recent development in labor market. For the sake of fulfilling such ambitions and aspirations, the College works to attract the the best teaching and research cadres who are capable to qualify the graduates of the program and instill positive values in them, conforming to policy of higher education in Saudi Arabia, which target building a human being ideologically, cognitively and spiritually,  armed with true Islamic  values.

Thus, the plans and courses of the programs conform to the policy of higher education in the Kingdom and are  in line with the needs of the local community and its peculiarities  and the needs of the business sector in the region. The business administration program is a support for all needs of the public and private sectors in the region and the rest of the regions of the Kingdom.