College Manager

Abdullah Sultan Al-Kubiby, Community College, Najran University

Name: Abdullah Sultan Al-Kubiby
Nationality: Saudi
Marital status: married
Birth date: 12/12/1401 H
Birthplace: Khamis Mushayt
Office phone and fax number: 075440467

  Educational Qualifications:  

  1. Studied biology at university for two years and a half
  2. Secondary school certificate – natural Sciences


  Work Experiences:  

  1. Experience for a period of two years and two months upon the clause number 105 – King Khalid University.
  2. Experience for a period of two years upon the clause of employees King Khalid University.
  3. Experience for a period of six months following the official working hour's system in the in the department of tenders – General Security.
  4. Experience for a period of four years certified by the Social Insurance in Muhammad El Bouchari Institution.


  Training sessions:  

  1. Session of (typewriting using advanced typewriters and computers) for a period of six months.
  2. Session of (customer services development) for a period of 3 days in Institute of public administration in AL Riyadh.


  Other participations:  

  1. Participated in graduation ceremony committees – King Khalid University - 1426-1427-1428H
  2. Participated in committees of Abha Prize for Higher Education – 1426-1427-1428 H
  3. Participated in the exhibition [A Non-Smoking University] – 1428 H
  4. Participated in the marathon committee – 1426-1427-1428 H