Dean's Message

Community College is the nucleus of Najran University as the University was founded according to Community College presence in Najran Community for more than a decade and a half.  After I had been nominated as a dean of community College ,the college (male and female sections) obtained academic accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education (COE), thanks to Allah and then the rectorship's support. The international accreditation includes several fields:

  • Faculty and staff members
  • Dean, his vision and leadership
  • Procedures followed to ensure the quality of the curriculum and its development
  • Qualifications and experience of faculty members
  • Integrative approach followed between Najran University and Community College
  • Applied research projects, e.g. Nanotechnology Research Center

Note that the Community College has obtained the accreditation within just seven months.

The College has four programs: three programs for male students, namely, Medical Laboratory Technology, Information Systems and Business Management and two for female students, namely Computer Science and Business Administration. The College awarded diploma degree for large number of male and female students who contributed to the homeland and the citizen service as well as the support of the development plans of the dear homeland many years ago. The international accreditation was renewed for the College for the third year successively few months ago, praise is due to Allah. Note that the international accreditation is valid for five years, renewed annually with observing the development in teaching methods, curriculum, quality of graduates, teaching and learning and other international accreditation criteria. The college is now ready for national accreditation, in sha Allah.