About Main Quality Unit


The NCC Main Unit for Development and Quality started with the establishment of an internal quality system that consists of administrative team for the Main Unit and executive team that includes sub-units that  cooperate with the Main Unit to meet the quality assurance requirements.  The most significant achievement of the Unit was the international accreditation in which the Najran Community College obtained from Council on Occupational Education( COE )in a record time - less than seven months in the academic year 32/1433, corresponding to January,2012. Four programs have been accredited: Business administration program (boys and girls), Medical Laboratory Technology (boys), information systems (boys) and Computer Science (Girls), getting five commendations on national and global scales and with unprecedented distinction.

The College ranked fifth in obtaining international accreditation from COE at the level of the Kingdom, and the first in obtaining international accreditation from COE in a record time and with five commendations from COE. .

The working group has created an internal system of quality for Community College (Male and female sections), drafting internal regulation for the Unit according to the NCC mission and the Najran University strategy in the field of quality assurance.