About the Program


Medical Laboratory is  a program in the Department of Applied Medical Sciences in which graduates work in hospitals and medical laboratories to assists in laboratory diagnosis of the diseases. The Medical Laboratory Technology aims to:

1.      To provide the students with science, information and skills needed to use laboratory equipment, samples and to practice the medical profession competently according to sound scientific principles and Islamic traditions so that the graduates do their duties in hospitals, health care centers inside the kingdom.

2.     To integrate theory with practice through cooperative training program in which students are trained inside hospitals, health care centers.

The programs possesses four laboratories, which are equipped with the latest modern equipment, which are mentioned below:

1. Laboratory of Medical Microbiology and Immunology.

2. Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry.

3. Histology and Histopathology

4. Hematology

The study in Medical Laboratory Technology program started in the second semester of the academic year1423-1424 A.H. The Department awards diploma degree in Medical Laboratory Technology, which qualifies students for employment or pursuing a bachelor degree in accordance with the rules and regulations of Najran University.