Vision and Mission



 Distinguished competition in offering programs that suit the modern advancements that meet the labor market demands in various medical fields.  


To prepare  well qualified technicians in various medical fields that have efficient roles in developing and serving the community through programs that supports health care systems and services and compete in the health services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


1.     To accommodate high school students of scientific sections. 

2.     To meet the needs of the labor market through providing qualified technicians in the field of Medical Laboratories.

3.     Continuous review and development of the the program plans and courses to cope with the permanent successive advancement in the field of medical laboratories and meet the needs of the labor market.

4.     To hold continuous training courses for the program graduates to acquaint them with what is new and modern in the field of medical laboratories.

5.     To establish a research unit in the field of Medical Laboratories to serve the local community.