The College Objectives and Values

  College Objectives:  

  1. To accommodate high school graduates, arts and scientific sections, for completing their university study.
  2. To provide the community with the technical professions.
  3. To develop the teaching staff capabilities and admitting those who are outstanding.
  4. To create effective community participation that helps develop the society.
  5. To fulfill the actual needs of the labor market through constant review of programs and curricula .
  6. To keep in touch with the alumni, make good use of their cooperation and feedback, and monitor their progress through establishing an alumni club .
  7. To establish technical, scientific, consulting and serving centers at the college.


  College Values:  

The College values come from the Islamic values as a basis to be invoked in, and the college adopts the following values to promote among all of its academics, administrators, and students:

  1. The Excellence and Innovation: The college is committed to provide an appropriate environment for creativity and innovation, and overcome the obstacles facing the innovators which lead them to excellence.
  2. The Total Quality: Najran Community College seeks for applying the criteria of the total quality to all its activities and operations starting from the actual needs of the beneficiaries of the College's programs.
  3. The Interaction with the Community: The College is committed to build strategic relationships with various sectors and segments of the society.
  4. The Commitment to Institutional Work: The college's activities are based on the systems, rules and regulations, the customs, and the popular positive culture inherent in the social and university environment.
  5. The Continuing Education: The College is committed to create a variety of programs that contribute to the knowledge and skills required by those of various ages at any time.
  6. The Transparency in the Field Work: The College is committed to provide all data about its academic activities and build relationships with relevant institutions to achieve the transparency.